Press Quotes

 “Mare Hieronimus is…stunning to watch, alternately feral and ethereal, playful and somber.” - Andy Horwitz,   CULTUREBOT, on the work Home by Noémie Lafrance

“suffice to say that Lafrance and collaborator Maré Hieronimus turn what could be an alienating experience into something transcendent and pure…” - Kelsey Keith, Flavorwire, on the work Home by Noémie Lafrance

“Hieronimus…astounded in her trust of those of us gathered around her.” - Jerry Portwood, NY Press on the work HOME by Noémie Lafrance

“Youth was (topiary horses) is a strong, soft and pretty solo by Maré Hieronimus with an overall amorphous feel fueled by Brian Eno music. The juxtaposition of soft standing flowing and quick strong floorwork movements gave the piece some dynamism even while feeling floaty overall.” Quinn Batson, 

“Dark dancing to transmitted sounds, Hieronimus moves on stage with no house lights, yet her movements are wondrous and warm. Still visible via a flashlight held by Schlissel diagonally down stage, Hieronimus defines dance as one could living, and that is to spark/till…” -Pamela Garcia, Seawanhaka/Long Island University News

“The overlapping pieces each had a signature prop. In one, a dancer dressed in schoolgirl pinstripes held a little red toy airplane; in another, the striking Sharon Mansur tied her hands into knots with a length of fishing net. There was no attempt to explain the objects’ function, but just like the score by William Catanzaro, in which the audience could hear dogs barking and helicopters circling in the distance, the dancers seemed to tell distinct stories that were only just beyond our comprehension. All four moved beautifully, but Ms. Hieronimus, who finished the program, elevated the evening to something breathless, converting a series of uncomfortable positions into zen meditation.” Helen Shaw, NYSun

“Doyle gets right to the heart of some of what’s rotting away at the core of America nowadays. And kudos to choreographer Maré Hieronimus, lighting designer Peter Hoerburger, and whoever found the amazing panda suit for contributing much to the show’s atmosphere and mood.” – Martin Denton,, New York International Fringe Festival Reviews on the work Not From Canada by Kevin Doyle, with Choreography by Maré Hieronimus

“(Hieronimus is) Stunning in the first tiny stroke of the diagonal movement of the head turning around, body standing at an oblique angle to the audience.” - Daisuke Muto, Tokyo Dance Critic, dm_on_web

“An arrestingly danced solo. The virtuosity of the dancing, her physical command and emotional intensity were impressive.” - Festival curator and choreographer Cyrus Khambatta, VIII International DC Improvisation Festival, Festival Highlights and Reviews

“In the second solo, Maré Hieronimus, draped in an electric blue, explored the tension created by her manipulations of a long piece of color-coordinated rope. The line and design created by Hieronimus were welcome additions to the evening of dance.”- Corinne Imberski, The Dance Insider, on the work Still Life by Sharon Mansur


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