sinuit and other corporeal episodes (excerpt)

a dance meditation on the nature of sensitivity and violence
Directed and Choreographed by Maré Hieronimus
Performed by Hannah Watkins, Liz Filbrun, Maré Hieronimus and Meghan Murray
Original Soundscore by William Catanzaro and Maré Hieronimus with music by Lo Ka Ping
The Bessie Schonberg Theater, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville NY, April, 2005

In sinuit and other corporeal episodes (2005), touch and the nervous systems reaction to touch is explored. Working with the concept of mirror neurons (the firing of neurons when an animal acts, and when the animal observes action in another) the piece is divided into three interludes that accumulate through density of movement material, bodies in space, light, and sound. Throughout the piece, the performers circulate around and observe one another, imprinting, interfacing and eventually colliding. The work is ultimately a meditation on sensitivity and desensitization, compassion, indifference and violence.