Woods|Ruins (2015)

a photographic collaboration between Maré Hieronimus and Erin Koch exploring place, space, presence and nature.


Photographer Erin Koch

Woman in the woods Maré Hieronimus

The woods are a place of mystery, a place of incredible natural power, and doorway into another realm. Evoking memories of lives and spirits long forgotten, the woods ask us to recall these stories and remember their existence.  

Through this photographic series of images, Erin Koch and Maré Hieronimus quietly weave together the story of the woods, the abandoned ruins of houses, wells and footbridges found within them, and their own personal and mythologic narratives. Setting out at gloaming, or "the magic hour" of light, they explored themes of geometry, haunting, as well as the notion of gateway or portal. Centered around a woman's journey through landscape and ruins, these images ask us to see beyond the seen and enter into a world existing along side our own.