Field of Twigs (excerpts)

as part of The Oracle Project
conceived and performed by Maré Hieronimus
accompanying soundscore by Cory Neale with the Spirit of the Hills Choir, originally created for the Oracle Project
video footage by Tanja London
video edit by Maré Hieronimus

presented by The E|MERGE Collaborative Artist Residency, Earthdance Center for Creative Living, Plainfield, MA, February, 2014.

special thanks to The West Cummington Church, Earthdance, Tanja London, and Cory Neale for use of his original soundscore, as well as The Spirit of the Hills Choir

The Oracle Project (excerpts)

a collaborative performance event investigating the role of the oracle in contemporary life

presented by 
The E|MERGE Artist Residency, Earthdance Center for Creative Living
Plainfield, MA, February, 2014

Project Leader, Sound Artist Cory Neale
Project Leader, Dance Artist Nicole Nigro
Collaborating Dance Artist Maré Hieronimus
Collaborating Musician Alex Kramer
Collaborating Trapeze Artist Adriana Segurado Mendez
The Walking Project Leader Christos Galanis
Video Footage Tanja London
Video Edit Maré Hieronimus
Total Duration: 4 hours

The Oracle Project collaboration was conceived of as a four-hour performance and community event that consisted of guiding the audience through several experiences related to the search for meaning, the oracle in daily living, and transcendence.

This video footage include s a glimpse of the oracle bonfire, site installations by Nicole Nigro and Maré Hieronimus, as well as excerpts from the culminating dance and performance event at the West Cummington Church. Through this last section of The Oracle Project, you can also witness the distribution of the oracle cards created within a beginning oracle ritual (not featured), which were then read out-loud as part of the closing of the performance.

Special thanks to Earthdance, The E|MERGE Curatorial Team, The West Cummington Church, The Spirit of the Hills Choir, and Tanja London