Topology|leveling (2012-2015)

a collaborative, site-situated series of duet projects between dance artists Maré Hieronimus and Sharon Mansur exploring the in between moments where past memories and present perceptions meet, and public/private realties blur.


Co-Conceived and Performed by Maré Hieronimus and Sharon Mansur

Soundscore Maré Hieronimus with music by Moby Gratis

topology|leveling (2012-2015) is a subtly shifting and evolving performative experiment between collaborators Maré Hieronimus (NYC) and Sharon Mansur (DC). This improvisationally based duet practice inhabits the in-between moments where past memories and present perceptions meet, public and private realities blur, and art and life intersect.  Intimately entangled, they tune and respond to micro disturbances from within and without. Their gently accumulating presence resonates and permeates for a moment…..then dissipates, leaving an echoing trail.

topology  has been performed through Dance Conversations at the Flea Theater (NYC), The Raving Jayne's at Triskelion Arts (Brooklyn, NY), and in The Meditation Garden on the campus of UDLAP, in Chalula, Mexico. This site situated version at UDLAP was performed once in early morning, once in mid afternoon, and once in early evening.  We approached this process as a "performance practice", where we danced for 30-45 minutes continuously, and invited our students and colleagues to come witness any portion or amount of the ongoing practice.  This was a deep and rich experience for Sharon and I, where we had the opportunity to completely re-imagine the improvisation within the outdoor landscape of the garden, and with the additional elements of time and duration. 

leveling , a companion piece to topology, was first performed in Philadelphia at Mascher Space Coopoerative.The next iteration of the work will be through the Never Before Never Again Festival, at Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY.

Never Before Never Again Festival at Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn NY

Triskelion Arts' new festival celebrates the moment of invention as it explodes from the unknown with a cadre of expert improvisers! Never Before, Never Again features artists who regularly harness the ephemeral in work never before seen and never to be seen again beyond this one presentation. Join us in honoring the power of immediate presence in performance – through dance, music, Butoh, action theater, comedy, lighting, and more!

January 29 - February 1, 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015 @ 8pm

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Photos by Steven Schreiber and Jeff Wallace