rise (2011-2014)

a solo dance installation inspired by the collision of city and nature, past and present, and explorations of how the body can be experienced as an instrument through which forces of sound, light, thought, image, emotion, space and time are passing.


Conceived and Performed by Maré Hieronimus

Costume and Painted Twig Site Specific Installations by Maré Hieronimus

Original Soundscore by Derek Morton

rise (2011-2014)  rise is a ritual meditation on the disconnect of the human being to the natural world in the modern age, and the immense sense of longing this can create. Specific and imbued small twigs and branches inhabit the performance space, pointing back towards the natural world, shapeshifting in character, and becoming an extension of the body and the dance. The twigs reference the mythological symbol of the tree of life, an ancient and cross-cultural archetype used for understanding the process of human evolution.

Originally set for the Brooklyn Bridge Park on a series of large granite steps, the site is a collision of several environments and architectural structures, including the east river, the rural setting of the park, the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, and the steps, that feel as though they are from an ancient era.  The work is inspired by the intersection of these elements, where city meets nature, past meets present moment, and body meets environment. The work is accompanied by the droning chords and environmental recordings of electronic sound artist Derek Morton.

Full Premiere at The DUMBO Site-Specific Dance Festival, Brooklyn, NY, Saturday September 29th @ NOON, 2012; Wassaic Project August 2012, Wassaic, NY; Cultivate Dance New Hampshire, August 2013, Bethlehem, NY, the CURRENT SESSIONS, March 2014, NYC

Photos by Arthur Fink, Larcom Studios and Corey Melton