Antlered Earth (2015-2016)

an exploration of place, self, ancestry, and the passages of life and death through photo, video, and dance installation.


Conceived and Directed by Maré Hieronimus

Photographs Maré Hieronimus

Woman in Green Dress Maré Hieronimus

Camera Lee Arnold, Maré Hieronimus, Jack Ryan

Antler Crown Celia Olsen

Golden Antler Judy Foreman

Antler Collection Skip Gianocca, care of Travis Gianocca


Dance for Film (work in process- post production) Maré Hieronimus and TBA, 2016

with an Original Soundscore by Cory Neale

Voice Maré Hieronimus


ANTLERED EARTH Limited Edition Photo Book, (in production, 2016)

ANTLERED EARTH (2015-2016) is a solo exploration of place, self, ancestry, and the passages of life and death through photo, video, and dance installation.

The piece chronicles my journey through seven different natural environments wearing a single green dress, the dress of my grandmother. The environments evoke different states of somatic and psychic being. Shed deer antlers appear throughout. The deer cross-culturally is often associated with the passages of death and the veil between the living and the dead. The deer is often also spoken of as a guardian of the dead. The antlers are a universal symbol of regeneration, as they are shed, and regrown.

Working with these mythological and symbolic threads, and the echo of the life of my grandmother existing both within my body, and within the green dress, ANTLERED EARTH is a ritual meditation on the fragility of life, and the physical and metaphorical passages of death. 

ANTLERED EARTH was produced while in Residence at The Djerassi Resident Artist Program in Woodside California. Many thanks to Djerassi for making this project possible. Special thanks to Frank Foreman for tracking down the antlers.

photos by Maré Hieronimus