Current and Upcoming Projects and Teaching|2017

Maré Hieronimus is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary dance artist, performer and teacher whose work weaves together her interests in movement, light, sound, the visual language, and perceptual awareness. Drawing from her interests in memory, mythology, sensory perception, embodiment, and the interface between body and landscape, she creates ritually based dance art using the shifting field of the body as the point of origin.

The Body Archive is the umbrella for her teaching work and movement investigations, which is a synthesis of her studies in dance, improvisation, somatic based practices, Yoga, Ayurvedic & Vedic Philosophy, and shamanism. Committed to the practice of movement as a healing art form, through her classes she facilitates an experience of the subtler aspects of yoga, the innate wisdom of the dancing body, and our interconnectedness to the cosmos.

E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Artists Residency, February 2017

Earthdance Center for Creative Living, Plainfield MA

Looking forward to heading back up to the mountains of Western Massachusetts to begin the creation of a new work. 

Spellbound: A Night of Dance Films

curated by Chris Carlone as part of his photography show Spellbound

Saturday March 18th, 2017, The Tarot Society, 4 Charles Place, Brooklyn NY 11221

including the work of Chris Carlone, Maré Hieronimus, Lucy Kerr, Sigrid Lauren

Circle of Women

Circle of Women is a new vision and initiative I am beginning in 2017, which has been brewing inside of me for some time. My work has always been, in it’s truest sense, women’s work.

To support this within my own self and community, my intention is to create an intimate and sacred space for women to gather and commune through different experiences that honor the sacred feminine, promote healing and balance, and create stronger bonds of support through her arrival. In order to carry her light more fully, we must continue to weave a web of love and support through this process, and witness each other in our own awakening and ignition.

I am planning a series of gatherings, including the facilitation of seasonal cleansing guided by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and principles, the ongoing practice of embodiment through energetic, somatic and yogic healing arts, and the facilitation of journey circles to dive deep into communion with spirit.

more information and updates will follow.

Moving Arts Lab facilitated by Peter Sciscioli

July, 2017, Earthdance Center for Creative Living, Plainfield MA

Previous Highlights|2016

Dixon Place Crossing Boundaries curated by Marcia Monroe

A shared program of new work by New York choreographers and dance artists who cross cultural, geographic, and disciplinary boundaries

Dixon Place Crossing Boundaries curated by Marcia Monroe  A shared program of new work by New York choreographers and dance artists who cross cultural, geographic, and disciplinary boundaries. Featuring Sandra Kramerov, Maré Hieronimus, Vanessa Vargas and Selma Trevino

Ocean Born (excerpt from a work in progress)
a ritual performance piece begun in the high desert lake basin of Oregon.
 a creation myth. 
conceived and performed by Maré Hieronimus
with original soundscore by Cory Neale, voice by Maré Hieronimus
and video by Maré Hieronimus

Tuesday October 25, 2016 @ 7:30pm
Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002
more information and tickets

The Outlet Dance Project Festival

The Outlet Dance Project is an annual festival committed to collaboration, community building, interdisciplinary experimentation, and the exploration of the audience/performer relationship. It provides women-identified choreographers of all traditional and nontraditional dance genres an opportunity to share their artistic vision through site-specific dance, stage performance, and film.

Ocean Born (excerpt from a work in progress)
a ritual performance piece begun in the high desert lake basin of Playa Summer Lake, Oregon, exploring the cycle of rebirth and regeneration, recorded through photo and video. In dialogue with the work of sculptor Elyn Zimmerman and her exhibition Wind, Water, Stone.
conceived and performed by Maré Hieronimus
with original soundscore by Cory Neale, voice by Maré Hieronimus

Sunday October 30th, 2pm
Grounds for Sculpture
The East Gallery
80 Sculptors Way, Hamilton, NJ 08619
more information

Playa Womb was initiated while in residence at The Playa Summer Lake Artist Fellowship Program, in Playa Lake, Oregon. Many thanks to Playa Summer Lake for making this project possible.

Moving Arts Lab 2016: A Festival for Interdisciplinary Exploration

facilited by Peter Sciscioli

August 18, 2016 - 5:00pm - August 21, 2016 - 3:00pm, Earthdance, Plainfield, MA

A 3-day festival for exploring and blurring the lines between a host of forms: voice, improvisation, performance practices, composition, physical theater, and more. Teaching artists from the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (IIAC) gather for a week-long residency preceding the festival. The fruits of their research become the starting point for a weekend of interweaving disciplines, concepts, and understandings. Categories that serve elsewhere are called into question. The festival culminates in a performance by IIAC teachers. Moving Arts Lab is open to all levels and backgrounds.

Somatic Practices for Traveling Between the Worlds with Maré Hieronimus

Through practices of deep sensing and inner listening, breath and movement work, and the use of poetic language and imagery/visualization, we will explore the generation of altered states of being using the body as the doorway in. Consciously accessing the liminal space between waking and dream states, we will look to unearth the intuitive wisdom of the body and its layers of mystery and meaning as they arise through sensation, image, archetype, and symbol. Through cultivating our relationship to this liminal space, we connect ourselves into the roots of our own creativity, the potential for healing, and our essential spiritual nature.

more information and registration

Continued Study in Ayurveda with Master Teacher Dr. Vasant Lad

Ananda Ashram, Monroe, New York, July 2016

Playa Summer Lake Fellowship Artist Residency, Summer Lake, Oregon

Work on a new dance for film and photographic series using the unique beauty and majesty of the Playa Summer Lake landscape, June, 2016

Triskelion Arts Presents Split Bill a shared program of new work

The Split Bill program aims to serve emerging and mid-career artists looking for a stepping stone between the showcase format, and full-on evening-length self-production. The series encourages the development of premiere, long-form pieces between 20 - 40 minutes by curating the presentation of all kinds of movement-based work shared over two nights, each night offering two different companies.
Split Bill Spring 2016 Artists are
Donofrio Dance Company, Kailey Mccrudden,
Kyung Lee, and Maré Hieronimus

DATES + TIMES of performance

Thursday April 21st  @ 7:30pm
Saturday April 23rd @ 7:30pm
The Muriel Schulman Theater at Triskelion Arts, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Enter on Banker Street for performances
more information and Tickets

ANTLERED EARTH is the latest solo exploration to premiere by dance artist Maré Hieronimus.  A ritual meditation on the fragility of life, and the physical and metaphorical passages of death, the piece chronicles her journey through seven landscape environments wearing a single green dress, the dress of her grandmother. Shed deer antlers appear throughout, drawing upon the multilayered mythological and symbolic meaning of the deer as both a guardian of the dead, and an intermediary between the worlds. The work also includes a live soundscore generated by sound artist Cory Neale, and video by Maré Hieronimus.

ANTLERED EARTH also includes the creation of a limited series photo book entitled ANTLERED EARTH: a pictorial journey through landscape and self,  which is currently being edited. The release of this book is scheduled for Spring/2016.

the CURRENT SESSIONS  Volume VI, Issue I.

The CURRENT SESSIONS presents the 10th edition of our biannual performances series, Volume VI, Issue I., from March 11 to 13, 2016 at the wild project theater in the East Village. From the highly-physical and the emotional to the visually striking and the clever, Volume VI, Issue I. organizes twelve artists within four curated collections of dancemaking - Female Forms, Design vs. Narrative, Distorting the Frame, and Sound Score - in order to capture the contemporary moving body and its ever-evolving self.

DATES + TIMES of performance

Friday, March 11 @ 7:30pm With Opening Party
Sunday, March 13 @ 7pm With Closing Party

wild project 195 East 3rd Street, New York, NY

more information and tickets

AUGUR is a multi-media, collaborative, migrating performance work by PROJECT|ORACLE (Maré Hieronimus, Nicole Nigro, Cory Neale, and friends) investigating the essential search for meaning through the framework of contemporary oracle, concepts of divination, altered states of consciousness, and ritual performance. Defined as the official in the classical world who was responsible for portending events through reading the flight patterns of birds, AUGUR combines dance installation, sound, projected image, imbued object, and migration pathways to shift and transform the experience of the mundane.

PROJECT|ORACLE  is the umbrella for the collaborative work of dance artists Maré Hieronimus (Brooklyn) and Nicole Nigro (Toronto), and sound artist Cory Neale (Philadelphia). Inspired by their shared love of the power of ritual, communal process, and the magic inherent in the experience of live performance, they co-create body and site-based performance work that embraces diversity and fosters empathy.

Volume VI, Issue I. is curated by Alexis Convento, Founder & Producing Director, Allison Jones, Development Associate and with guest curators Lydia Mokdessi, Editor at Culturebot; Niall Jones, artist; and Risa Shoup, Executive Director of Fourth Arts Block.