Dance Art, 2004-2014 Montage

solo and duet projects from 2004-2014

including performance and/or media footage from Field of Twigs (2014), rise (2011-2014), sleepwalking/wind picking up (2009-2010), Topiary Horses (2007-2009), Tundra (2007-2008), spark/ridge/perch/till (2006-2008), sinuit and other corporeal episodes (2005), inevitability of bone attachment, (2004-2005)

Accompanying Soundscore by Cory Neale 
originally composed for The Oracle Project at the 
E|MERGE Artist Residency/2014, Earthdance Center, Plainfield, MA
with Spirit of the Hills Choir

with collaborative performing artists (in order of appearance)
Maré Hieronimus, Sharon Mansur (guest artist), Marcy Schlissel,Tess Hartman, 
Milka Djordjevich, Lori Yuill, Liz Elmquist, Megan Murray, Hannah Watkins, Elyse Sparks
video/electronic sound artist Derek Morton
video artist Kevin Doyle
sound artists William Catanzaro and Lucas Zarwell
projected text Maré Hieronimus
video edit Maré Hieronimus