Ocean born (2016)

A creation myth | a ritual performance piece begun in the desert lake basin of Oregon, exploring the cycle of rebirth and regeneration, recorded through photo and video. 

Ocean Born | a creation myth

Every World has a beginning.

And first, there was a great ocean, bubbling with the essence of life, the breath of creation floating over it as the winds washed through an open sky. And out of its spiraling shell I slipped, naked. And then, over the lands I walked as if in a kind of dream, for a very long time.

Conceived and Performed by Maré Hieronimus

Original Soundscore by Cory Neale with voice by Maré Hieronimus

Photography Maré Hieronimus

Video Maré Hieronimus

(work in process)

This project was made possible through The Playa Fellowship Residency Program, Playa Summer Lake, Oregon.