ANTLERED EARTH (2016) Dance for Film promo

an exploration of place, self, ancestry, and the passages of life, love, and death through photo, video, and dance installation.

Conceived and Directed by Maré Hieronimus
with an Original Soundscore by Cory Neale
and voice by Maré Hieronimus

Woman in Green Dress Maré Hieronimus
Camera Lee Arnold, Maré Hieronimus, Jack Ryan
Edit Maré Hieronimus

Antler Collection Skip Gianocca, care of Travis Gianocca
Golden Antler Judy Foreman
Antler Crown Celia Olsen

ANTLERED EARTH was created while in residence at The Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside California. Many thanks to Djerassi for making this project possible.