The Sacred Body

Embodied Transformation

The Sacred Body gives an opportunity to engage organically, energetically, and creatively through an exploratory physical practice of Yin Yoga, integrated movement, subtle body experiencing, and other creative approaches. These practices are a synthesis of work, in which I draw inspiration and techniques from my studies in dance, yoga/ayurveda, somatic movement, shamanistic practices, and energy healing. 

How do we engage with the energies and patterns that already exist within the body, embedded inside of the tissues and etched within the nervous system? How do we begin to release some of our own cellular and ancestral psychic holding patterns, setting these energies free to move once again inside of our bodies, and within our own lives? How do we somatically experience the quality of divine mystery and love within our own physical form? How do we charge the body with the sacred, rather than the profane? I invite you into this ongoing journey of experiential learning that brings together body, mind, and spirit, where we open to the opportunity for healing, the arrival of grace, and begin to truly plant the seeds for embodied transformation.

Responses to practice

"It is as though Mare's use of deeply poetic metaphysical language brings me on an hour and a half long spiritual journey. Her suggestions always leave me with an unanswered question, and keep me thirsty for more knowledge. Through her classes and teaching, I feel I am doing just as every human is meant to do: deeply contemplate the world and why we are here. We can experience the answers in our own body wisdom.

In truly feeling the sensation of strength in one's own body, and the beauty of such a phenomenon, you really gain a sense of understanding yourself on deeper more intimate level. Personally, I find each session cathartic - a physical catharsis capable of cleansing away the past so that I can really revel in the beauty of the present. It becomes hard to deny that the uncanny nature of our earth is indicative of a higher power when you can feel it pulsating inside your body. Always having sensed such a truth, Maré's class has really allowed me to break free of the conventionality of the western world and to be my own person, as we are all meant to do.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she does for others with her selfless teachings. I have no doubt that she was placed on this planet to share her findings with those of us who, at times, feel lost and disconnected from our greater purpose."

Mary Nyiri, Brooklyn, NY

"Her classes have a healing quality which not only builds physical strength and flexibility but also moves energetically towards uniting psyche and body.

Maré appears to have a profound knowledge of how to tap into the body's energy centers with breath work and movement as well as an understanding of the connection between the physical body and the invisible subtle body. I have taken her classes for a number of years by now and can first hand attest to their rejuvenating and healing quality."

Heide M Kolb, MA, LCSW, NCPsyA, Certified Jungian Analyst, New York

"Mare's gentle voice and clear anatomical descriptions inspire poetically, as do her movements, composing an alluring blend of auditory and visual cues to follow.  She activates and connects you to all levels of your being, from breath, to joints, to cells and beyond, cultivating an opportunity for you to arrive at an open and harmonious state.

As a student, I fall into her flow and reap all the nourishing benefits.  As a teacher, I embrace her expertise and absorb her grace.  She is an inspirational model to follow."

Amy McCormack, Certified Prana Yoga Teacher, Ohio