Circle of Women

Circle of Women is a new vision and initiative I am beginning in 2017, which has been brewing inside of me for some time. This year, for so many of us, has been one of incredible annihilation and reckoning. From these ashes, I have faith that great healings are at work for all of us, if we look to consciously align ourselves with truth, authenticity, life, and spirit.

Some of this has caused me to go deep into my own purposes, and to truly ask myself what it is that I am doing here on our planet, at this time. The answers that I have found are at the center of my calling. My work has always been, in it’s truest sense, women’s work.

As the deep feminine awakens from the darkness of her more then 2000-year exile, in order to answer her call more fully, we as women must come together in sacred circle, ritual, and ceremony.

To support this within my own self and community, my intention is to create an intimate and sacred space for women to gather and commune through different experiences that honor the sacred feminine, promote healing and balance, and create stronger bonds of support through her arrival. In order to carry her light more fully, we must continue to weave a web of love and support through this process, and witness each other in our own awakening and ignition.

I am planning a series of gatherings, including the facilitation of seasonal cleansing guided by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and principles, the ongoing practice of embodiment through energetic, somatic and yogic healing arts, and the facilitation of journey circles to dive deep into communion with spirit.

These circles will be offered by suggested donation.

As women, the body is our domain: the great temple of the spirit, the holder of the flame, the Shakti that rises and falls in her great dance. To be true carriers of this feminine wisdom, we must be in deep and ongoing relationship to our own temple, and honor that temple as the vessel of her very awakening. She is not the silent witness, she is the dance itself, and all the beauty, the power, the gentleness and ferocity that that dance encompasses.  

In 2017 I invite women to join me in intimate gathering to be the stewards of her arrival in our very own being.

More information to follow.