Love Letter to the Unknown (2015)

Love Letter to the Unknown 

How do we dream our lives into being? What is it to embrace the mystery of our personal and mythological story, and to move into the unknown space of the future? How can we engage life's currents of change and move with its undeniable flow, while delicately holding to the seeds of our own visions and heart longings?

Originally born out of the SHED project, Love Letter to the Unknown is part of an ongoing series of ritual explorations that soften the barrier between performer and observer, and invite the witness to move into the liminal space along side the doer, entering the unknown together. Taking the form of the lost art of letter writing, I invite you to engage the ongoing dreams and visions of your life's journey through a letter to the world, a love letter to the unknown...

In writing this letter, I invite you to step out of your own skin, and compose as if you were writing the beautiful and mythic story and dreams of your dearest friend. The letter can take the form of a stream of consciousness writing, a recount of a vision that has stayed with you and that you still wonder about, a poem, or a question. I welcome you to write from any point of view. This is up to you.  Your letter does not have to be long. It could be a haiku. The only stipulation is that your letter is sincere. 

For those who are comfortable sharing your letter, I will create an online archive of Love Letters to the Unknown. Please indicate to me in your letter if you would like your words to remain private. If you are comfortable with sharing your writing, you can also indicate to me whether you would like your name to be attached to your letter, or if you would prefer to remain anonymous. All of these choices are up to you.

With your permission, I may ask to use your letter as inspiration and source material for future ritual performance explorations of SHED. 

In this way, we step into the liminal and unknown space together; dreaming, writing, and dancing our lives into being...

Please hand write or type your letter and print it out, so that it becomes a physical object unto itself. When you are finished, email me at to find out where to send it.

with love and enduring dreams,

Maré Hieronimus, Brooklyn, NY  2015

List of Participants:

Veronica Cortés Alvarez, Cholula, Mexico

Maria Baraybar, Brooklyn NY, USA

Laura Burns, London, UK

Brian Harris, Hyattsville, MD, USA

Jane Jerardi, Chicago IL, USA

Erin Koch, Croton on the Hudson NY, USA

Julie Lemberger, Brooklyn NY, USA

Yuen Ling, Brooklyn NY, USA

Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, Bronx NY, USA

Nicole Nigro, Toronto, Canada

Bronwyn Preece, Lasqueti, Canada