ANTLERED EARTH a pictorial journey through landscape and self

by Maré Hieronimus

About the book

ANTLERED EARTH chronicles my personal and mythic journey through seven distinct natural landscapes wearing a single green dress, the dress of my grandmother. Following the path of a hero's journey from the depths of despair into a lightness of being, ANTLERED EARTH is a pictorial meditation on the fragility of life, and the physical and metaphorical passages of death.

The book contain's over 100 photographs shot by Maré Hieronimus in the foothills of northern California. 

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A very select group of photographic prints from ANTLERED EARTH, Ocean Born, Lake Huaca, and Marshlands and Sound (collaboration with Jeremy Frindel), will be made available for purchase in the coming months.

Below are the initial selections. Check back for details.