Sleepwalking, wind picking up (shortened version)

solo dance improvisation 

Conceived and Performed by Maré Hieronimus,                                     Original Soundscore by Maré Hieronimus, with music by Brian Eno      DUMBO Dance Festival, Brooklyn NY, September, 2009

Sleepwalking/wind picking up (2009-2010) is a solo work inspired by the folk tale sleeping beauty. Inverting the fairy tale ending, the work is a psycho-somatic exploration of what it would be to wake up after a 100 year sleep, along side ominous premonitions of the future.


Spun (prologue text)

prologue text accompany solo dance 

Text by Maré Hieronimus
accompanies solo dance, SPUN and related work sleepwalking/wind picking up
Conceived and Performed by Maré Hieronimus