Topiary Horses (2007-2009)

a magical realist multi-media dance drama and a journey into childhood wonderment and fantasy

Conceived by Maré Hieronimus in collaboration with Performer Tess Hartman

Performed by Tess Hartman and Maré Hieronimus

Soundscore, Text and Video by Maré Hieronimus, with Music by Cam Miller

22 minutes

Topiary Horses (2007-2009) is a magical realist dance drama, and a journey into childhood wonderment and fantasy that explores the role of imagination in our lives today, including themes of individualism verses culture/society, and the role of time and aging in relationship to this. The work combines dance and theater along with projected poetic text inspired by silent movies, and unfolds like an old western mystery.

Full Premier at The Merce Cunningham Studio, Under the Memory Tree, an evening of contemporary dance with Maré Hieronimus, Sarah Council, and Sarah Seely, Saturday October 4th & Sunday October 5th @ 8pm, 2008

Photos by Hope Davis