Spiral Tide (2013)

a collaborative Dance Installation between visual artist Erin Koch and dance artist Maré Hieronimus inspired by the ancient origins and mythical essence of the labyrinth

Performed by Maré Hieronimus

Painted Costume by Erin Koch

Site Labyrinth co-conceived and created by Erin Koch and Maré Hieronimus

20 minutes

Spiral Tide (2013) is a solo dance performance installation experimenting with the use of a labyrinth, a single bucket of water, and a hand painted costume.  Working with themes of duration, time, solubility and decay, the performer traces the path within the labyrinth.

This project is two fold: a public installation, and a durational performance. Creating a classical walking labyrinth, the public can feel free to walk the pathway when the dancer is not performing.

During performance, viewers will come upon a dancer, in a hand painted dress, traversing the spiral pathway. Imagery for the dress is inspired by the symbolic meaning of the labyrinth, and will be painted in black water-soluble ink on white cloth.

The dancer will traverse the labyrinth, exploring through movement the cyclical nature of the spiraling path. At different intervals, she will periodically soak the dress with water from a bucket until the images are completely dissolved.

"Nature is a labyrinth in which the very haste you move with will make you lose your way."  - Sir Francis Bacon

Full Premiere at FIGMENT/NYC, Governors Island, New York, Saturday, June 8th @ 2pm & 3pm, Sunday, June 9th @ 4pm, 2013

FIGMENT/NYC, Governors Island, Free and Open to the Public!

Directions to Governors Island.

Site on Governors Island: The Parade Ground, adjacent to the entrance of Fort Jay, closest to the Manhattan ferry terminal, on the grassy slope.

Photos by Maré Hieronimus and Erin Koch