spark/ridge/perch/till (2006-2008)

overlapping solo portraits of the interior landscape of four unique women

Conceived and Directed by Maré Hieronimus

Created in Collaboration with Performers Elyse Sparkes, Marcy Schlissel, Maré Hieronimus

with Guest Artist Sharon Mansur

Soundscore by Maré Hieronimus and William Catanzaro

Video Installation by Kevin Doyle

16 minutes

spark/ridge/perch/till unfolds as an awakening, where overlapping solos reveal both gradual and sudden shifts in the interior landscape of four diverse women. Archetypal in feel, specific, imbued objects are used that relate to the inner life of the performer, including a flashlight, a fisherman's net, a wooden toy airplane, and a rice paper umbrella.

spark/ridge/perch/till was performed in many iterations, in both indoor and outdoor settings. It was performed as an elongated solo TILL Les Petit Versailled Gardens, and also shown as spark/till, and spark/perch/till. 

Full Premiere at The Solar One Powered Dance Festival, Thursday August 3rd -Saturday August 5th @ 6pm, Solar One Theater, Stuyvesant Cove Park, East River, NYC, 2006

Photos by Eric Bandiero