Previous Projects and Teaching|2013

RADFest  March 15th-17th 2013, The Midwest Regional Contemporary Dance Festival, Kalamazoo, Michigan RADFest is an exhilarating weekend of performances, workshops and activities celebrating some of the country's leading and innovative voices in modern dance, hosted in Kalamazoo by Wellspring. All of the festival activities are open to the public.

topology Co-Conceived and Performed by Maré Hieronimus and Sharon Mansur, with original Soundscore by Maré Hieronimus

a collaborative duet co-directed and performed by Maré Hieronimus and Sharon Mansur exploring the in- between moments where past memories and present perceptions meet, and public/private realities blur.

Saturday March 16th @ 9pm, Epic Center, Kalamazoo, MI

Master Class: Dance Improvisation and The Five Elements

Saturday March 16th @ 12pm, Epic Center, Kalamazoo, MI

FIGMENT/2013  June 8th-June 10th, 2013

A free, annual celebration of participatory art and culture where everything is possible. For one weekend each summer, it transforms Governors Island into a large-scale collaborative artwork – and then it’s gone.

Spiral Tide a collaborative Dance Installation between Visual Artist Erin Koch and Dance Artist Maré Hieronimus

Saturday June 8th @ 2pm & 3pm, & Sunday June 9th @4pm &5pm

FIGMENT/NYC, Governors Island, New York.

MOVING ARTS LAB  August 8th-11th, 2013, Earthdance, PLAINFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS

Amidst the lush backdrop of New England Summer, the Moving Arts Lab offers an opportunity to study a multiplicity of different movement-based forms with artists from around the world. Formerly the Western Mass Moving Arts Festival, the new title reflects the diversity of teachers coming from East and West, and emphasizes the exploratory and investigative nature of workshops being offered in such forms as Voice and Movement, Contact Improvisation, Site-Specific/Durational Performance and Physical Theater.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether: Dance Improvisation and the Five Vedic Elements with Maré Hieronimus

Sunday August 11th, 10-12pm, Earthdance

This lab will be an open exploration of how we transform through the five elements of the Vedic cosmology. Using the frameworks of yoga practice and dance improvisation, we will take the time to explore each element individually with its manifestations and correspondences in the body/mind, culminating in a fluid score where body/nature commingle.

CULTIVATE/2013  August 15th-18th, 2013, Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Cultivate is a grass-roots effort to nourish and support community by creating a space for contemporary dance to take root, develop and flourish in the North Country.

rise Conceived and Performed by Maré Hieronimus, with original Soundscore by Derek Morton

a solo site specific dance piece inspired by the intersection and collision of cityscape and nature, ancient past and present moment.  The work is accompanied by the droning chords and environmental recordings of electronic sound artist Derek Morton.

Saturday August 17th, 7:30pm, Cultivate/2013, The Colonial Theater Outdoor Patio, Bethlehem, NH

Master Class: Dance Improvisation and The Five Elements

Saturday August 17th, 9-10:30am, Cultivate/2013 The Little River Studio, Bethlehem, NH